Download did not complete successfully

Updated 09/29/2021 10:17 AM

Download did not complete successfully

This error message indicates that the installer is not able to continue the installation due to a failure in completing the download process.

The installer will authenticate the package before going ahead with the installation to make sure that it is not corrupted. If authentication fails, then the installer will not install the downloaded package.

Options to resolve the problem:

  1. 1) Try running the installer again.

  2. 2) If the download is still failing to complete after step 1, then try downloading through your Web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer). For example:

  1. a.Download the GeForce Experience application from

  2. b. Right-click on the downloaded file and click on Properties.

  3. c. Navigate to the “Digital Signatures” tab under the file properties and click on “Details”.

  4. d. Check if the signature is reported as not valid.

If the digital signature is not valid, then the file is corrupted. The file download might be getting corrupted due to a bad driver on the network card. Please install the network card driver from CD (if available), check the manufacturer support site, or download the latest available driver from a different working system and install on this system.

Please retry the steps above (from a-d) and see if the signature now reports itself to be valid, then retry the installation.

If the signature is still reported as not valid, please try switching to a different network card. If changing the network card does not resolve the problem, please contact your system manufacturer or network card manufacturer.

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