Cannot connect to the NVIDIA VCA from remote client application

Updated 10/07/2014 10:12 AM
I cannot connect to the NVIDIA VCA from my remote client application 

If you are not able to connect from the remote client application to the NVIDIA VCA, perform the following steps:

1. Check that the firewall on both the client and server sides have ports 11000, 443 and 9090 unblocked. If necessary, check with your network system administrator on how to unblock these ports.

2. If all ports are unblocked and the application can still not connect, follow these steps:

2.1. Login as user iray on the NVIDIA VCA and check if Iray has started by searching for the string remote server in the list of running processes:

ps -ef | grep remote_server

2.2. If that process is not running, check the logfile /home/iray/cm/cluster-manager.log on the reserved node.

2.3. If the log entries in /home/iray/cm/cluster-manager.log indicate multicast traffic problems, contact the network administrator. It is possible that multicast traffic may have been disabled on the local Ethernet switch. Also check the default route on the system.

3. Check if the VCA nodes can ping each other on the Ethernet interfaces. If this does not produce in a live connection, check the default route on your NVIDIA VCA.

4. It must be possible to confirm a network connection using ping to all VCA nodes. If this is not possible, check the connections of the Infiniband cables.

5. To stop, start or restart Iray or the VCA Manager manually, run the following shell commands on all VCA nodes:

/home/iray/cm/nvvca-cm [-s] start [-k] stop [-r] restart

6. Check if the processes cluster manager and nodemgr listener are running

7. To contact the NVIDIA VCA support team, send email to:

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