How to connect a stereo display to the Quadro card HDMI port

Updated 01/18/2022 03:17 PM

How to connect a stereo display using HDMI with Quadro cards

What is HDMI?

HDMI is a connectivity standard for video cables commonly used for consumer display devices.

HDMI 1.4 supports a pixel packed stereo format - where left and right eye image pairs are sent in a single frame.

How to I connect a HDMI display to my Quadro GPU?

Quadro GPUs do not feature a native HDMI port. However you can connect to a HDMI display using either a DVI to HDMI cable/adaptor or a Display Port to HDMI dongle.

· Are there any special needs for DVI cable/adaptor?

No. DVI and HDMI are pin compatible. So it is possible to run HDMI signaling over single link DVI cables. Even though the DVI cable is single link in this mode you get the full HDMI 1.4 bandwidth.

· Are there any special needs for DP to HDMI dongle?

We recommend you use a DP "Type 2" dongle when connecting to a stereo HDMI display.

Steps to enable HDMI stereo on Quadro GPU.

1.Open the NVIDIA control panel and select Manage 3D Settings


Figure 1 - Manage 3D Settings - Stereo Display Mode

- Set Stereo - Display Mode to Generic active stereo

- Set Stereo - Enable to On

Hit "Apply"


2. Go to "Stereoscopic 3D" - Select "Enable stereoscopic 3D" see figure 2. Set Stereoscopic 3D display type to "3D TV Play".


Figure 2 - Stereoscopic 3D menu


3 3. Go to Change Resolution - select a 3D resolution under "HD 3D" - see figure 3.



Figure 3 - Change Resolution page



- I can't see the 3D Play TV option in 3D stereoscopic menu:

o Make sure you are connected to the display via HDMI

o Make sure the 3D display is the primary monitor.



- Do I need a separate license for 3D TV Play

o No - on Quadro 3D TV Play is included with the driver.

- I can only see 24Hz or 30Hz options but in Change resolution page. My 3D glasses need to run at 120Hz

o HDMI standard supports input refresh rate of 24Hz or 30Hz. The display device will process the incoming frames and display at 120Hz.

- Is 3D TV Play compatible with 3D Vision glasses

o No. Since the display is processing the incoming stereo it will generate the 3D emitter signal. Most displays will only work with the supplied 3D glasses

- My display supports 4K resolution but when I select stereo the highest available resolution is 1920x1080@60Hz

o This is a feature of the display. Most 4K displays support 4K or stereo - not stereo at 4K resolution.


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