How to reset SHIELD Tablet back to factory settings after being locked out

Updated 09/15/2016 10:57 AM
I forgot the password for my SHIELD Tablet. How can I restore my system to factory settings?

You can restore the factory settings to your SHIELD Tablet using the following procedure. Note that this will remove any data on the device.

  1. Shut down the device with long press (8sec) Power button
  2. Press and hold Vol down key
  3. Press and release Power key
  4. Device enters fastboot mode
  5. Select Recovery mode option (using Vol up/down for navigation and power key to select)
  6. Device enters recovery mode (after showing NVIDIA boot logo) with Android Robot screen.
  7. Press and release Vol UP + Power button simultaneously
  8. Then select wipe data/factory reset with Vol up/down key to navigate and power key to select

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