I am unable to browse the Internet on my SHIELD Tablet. What are the common causes and how can I check them?

Updated 09/15/2016 11:10 AM
I am unable to browse the Internet on my SHIELD Tablet. What are the common causes and how can I check them?

There are several potential causes for this. Common ones include:

-       No WiFi or cellular connection (you are out of range).  Check status to verify you have a valid IP address.

-       The WiFi access point you are connected to does not have Internet access (network problem).

-       Cellular connection is too weak (poor network coverage). Check Status and look for Signal strength > -110dBm.

-       You have a cellular connection but data is disabled (Settings > More > Mobile Networks).

-       You are roaming and data roaming is disabled (Settings > More > Mobile Networks).

-       The APN is invalid (Settings > More > Mobile Network Settings > Access Point Names).  Android has a long list of APNs that are provided automatically. If there is a problem with the APN you have chosen, you will not get data access on the network. Try to copy the information from a phone that is working on that same network. The most important field to get right is the MMSC that provides the URL the network uses to provide data service.  Examples are:



Here are some additional troubleshooting steps:

- Check your SIM card balance and activation status. Most carriers and plans allows you to register and connect, but will not allow data transport if the plan is inactive or if at 0 balance.

-Verify data is enabled. Check Settings->Wireless and Networks->Mobile Networks->Use Packet Data.

-Check if Roaming Data is enabled. If you are roaming, check if you have "connect to data while roaming" set in the settings.

-No Network Connection. Check Settings->About Phone to verify network is connected and data connection is active.

-IP Address settings are incorrect. Check if an IP address is provided. You can find this in Settings->About Tablet->Status. Look for IP address in the dialog box.


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