How do I connect SHIELD Tablet to a cellular network?

Updated 09/15/2016 11:19 AM

How do I connect SHIELD Tablet to a cellular network?

First you will a micro SIM from a carrier to insert into your SHIELD LTE Tablet. Make sure the SIM is valid, since prepaid SIMs with no credit left will not work. And make sure the carrier uses the supported bands in your area. To insert the SIM card, lift the slot cover marked “SIM”. Insert the sim card notch first with contacts toward the back of the tablet. The connector is a push - push type, so you have to push until you feel a slight click, and the card will stay in. If it pops out, you did not push the card in far enough. Your tablet will read the SIM card and attempt to connect to the network. You will see signal strength bars in the notification bar. And if WiFi is not turned on, you will see what type of data connection is available. Now that you have access to the network, you may be required to activate the SIM card and set up a billing account with the carrier. The activation and account setup process is usually handled with a Web browser interface. Check with your carrier to be sure.

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