GameStream Port forward and log collecting.

Updated 09/29/2021 10:16 AM

Here are some tools you can use to debug if GameStream is not working for you

  • Open up a command prompt, Win 7 - Type "CMD" In the search field in the START Menu, Win8 - Windows Key +X

  • Download the pftest file linked below, save to a easy to find directory

  • In the command prompt change the default directory to where you have the file saved

  • example: cd C:\Users\Josh\Desktop

  • Then type "pftest list" to ensure you have the correct directory, then "pftest enable"

  • The text output should show that the necessary ports have been opened.

Pftest tool

Note: This may not work with all routers, for help in forwarding ports manually please contact support.

Collecting Gamestream logs

Sometimes it helps us debug your problems if we can take a look at the logs. If you need to collect the logs follow these steps:

  • Right click this, and select "save as" and it will default to a batch file.

  • Run the script. This will copy all the logs to a folder and open the folder in the Windows Explorer

  • Zip the contents of the folder and share it with support. Feel free to delete the local log folder afterwards to free up space.

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