How to save a DispDiag log file

Updated 02/11/2022 02:52 AM

How to save a DispDiag log file

In the case you experience a monitor display issue, you may be asked to provide a DispDiag log file to better understand the cause of the problem. Please perform the following:
1. If you are experiencing display issues with your monitor/tv after updating to a newer driver (eg. no display, missing resolutions), you will first need to roll back to the last working driver.  Otherwise the dispdiag log file may capture invalid EDID information.  You may download previous drivers from our NVIDIA Driver Downloads page below:
Once you have rolled back to the previous drivers, reboot your PC to complete the driver installation. 
2. After you log back into Windows, press the Windows key and the letter "R" on your keyboard at the same time to bring up the Run window.
3. In the Open field, type the following command:

dispdiag -out %userprofile%\Desktop\dispdiag-nvidia.dat

4. Press the OK button to proceed
5. On your Windows Desktop, you should see a new file labeled dispdiag-nvidia.dat. Provide the file to the NVIDIA Customer Care support agent.

For more information on using the Microsoft dispdiag utility, please visit:

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