PC to SHIELD Portable game streaming controls not working due to drivers being installed on wrong drive

Updated 01/23/2017 04:31 PM
If you are running a Windows 64-bit OS have either Program Files or Program (x86) stored on a drive letter seperate from your Windows folder, you may encounter an issue where the NVIDIA SHIELD Portable gamepad mapping controls driver will be seperated onto two different drive letters and the gamepad controls will not function properly when streaming games to your NVIDIA SHIELD Portable . 

When NVIDIA's Geforce Experience loads the gamepad input drivers, it assumes the Windows folder is on the same drive letter.  When this is not the case, it will fail to load the driver and you will not be able to control any streamed games through the NVIDIA SHIELD Portable gamepad controls.  To correct this, please do the following:


1) Go to the drive letter where the NVIDIA Geforce Experience gamepad drivers were installed to.  For example if you have Program Files or Program Files (x86) folders on drive letter "D:", this is where the NVIDIA software would be installed to.

2) Create the following two directories on this drive:



3) Now go to the drive letter where your actual Windows operating system folder is located (for example c:\Windows)

4) Copy the file "rundll32.exe" from the folder:


and paste it to


5) Copy the file "rundll32.exe" from the folder:


and paste it to


6) Reboot your PC to complete the changes. 

A future version of Geforce Experience will address this issue and keep both drivers on the same drive letter as your Windows OS folder. 


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