I am experiencing lag when playing GRID Cloud Gaming. How can I improve that?

Updated 09/29/2021 10:14 AM

I am experiencing lag when playing GRID Cloud Gaming. How can I improve that?

GRID games are running from the cloud, which means they are running on a server in a data center, not directly off your local device. NVIDIA does our best to offer GRID services to users who have fast Internet connections to ensure a great experience. However sometimes you may still experience lag, and you may wish to try these tips to improve it:

· Check to see if other devices in your home are connected to the Internet and downloading files. Anything that uses significant bandwidth, such as streaming video, downloading files, and file sharing can affect GRID performance. Try disabling these to improve your experience.

· Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may be experiencing network congestion at certain times of the day. You can use www.speedtest.net to check your speeds at different times during the day and see if your performance changes at different times. If this continues to happen, you may want to consider switching ISPs.

· Check your home network to see how many routers, switches, or hubs are between your cable modem and your GRID gaming device. Each network component can add latency to your overall experience, which can result in lag.

· Wireless mice, keyboards, and gamepads can add latency, resulting in lag. If possible, NVIDIA recommends wired devices for the best experience.

· Some TV models can add lag to the GRID experience because they perform video image preprocessing. Please check if your TV has a "Game Mode" setting, which may help to reduce lag. Please note that not all TVs work the same in Game Mode, so check with your TV manufacturer on how to turn off image preprocessing modes on your TV.

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