Random NVIDIA Pop-up Windows Appear While Browsing the Internet

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Updated 01/26/2017 11:43 AM

How do I prevent NVIDIA pop-up windows from appearing while browsing the internet?

NVIDIA does not install any pop-up ads of any kind on your internet browser.  

If you enabled the NVIDIA┬« nViewTM Desktop Manager application, it may have added some settings to your internet browser's window which give you shortcuts to several NVIDIA nView Desktop Manager features available through the application.  These shorcuts are displayed as NVIDIA buttons on your internet browser's windows.  This will be displayed on any internet browser window when NVIDIA nView Desktop Manager is enabled.  These NVIDIA buttons have confused people to believe that the pop-up windows are provided by NVIDIA. This is incorrect. 

Pop-up ads are a common source of revenue for several online websites, and come in many different forms. One possible reason you are seeing pop-up windows is that you visited a site while surfing the internet that automatically launches pop-up windows in the background. Another possible reason is that you installed a free program which also installs spyware or other ad-related software which randomly generates pop-up windows according to the websites you visit.  If you are seeing unwanted pop-up ads while browsing the internet caused by software that may have been installed on your computer without your knowledge or consent, you may wish to remove them using a 3rd party adware removal tool. 

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