Flickering Screen/Black Screen After Installing Geforce.com Display Drivers onWindows 8

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Updated 02/13/2013 02:02 PM
After installing the R310 driver on Windows 8, the subsequent reboot results in a black or
flickering screen.
Root Cause
This occurs because Windows Update performed a background installation of a Release
304 driver, which requires a reboot to complete the installation. After installing the
Release 310 driver and then rebooting the system, installation of both the Release 304 as
well as the Release 310 is completed, resulting in conflicting driver binaries and the black/
flickering screen.

Workaround - Prevention
To avoid the issue, reboot the system before installing the Release 310 driver.
Alternately, you can check the driver status under the Device Manager and perform the
reboot if the Device Manager indicates that a restart is needed. Then install the driver.

Workaround - Recovery
If you did not perform the necessary reboot prior to installing the driver and now
encounter the black screen, do the following:
1 Reboot in Safe Mode.
2 Uninstall the driver.
3 Disconnect from the internet and then restart the system.
4 In normal mode, install the new driver.
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