GPU voltage/clock speed throttling changes in driver 280.19 and higher

Updated 09/29/2021 10:10 AM

GPU voltage

After updating the NVIDIA display driver to version 280.19 or higher, a user may notice changed to the GPU clock speed and voltage throttling compared to previous drivers. NVIDIA display drivers before version 280.19 were slow to respond to GPU utilization changes and as a result would negatively affect GPU performance. With the changes in the new 280.19 display drivers, the GPU will now be able to react faster to any sudden changes in GPU usage which can be seen in more frequent increases in GPU clock speeds and faster decreases to a lower level GPU clock speed. Throttling of the GPU clock speeds is similar to the changing of the CPU clock speeds based on CPU usage that users have been accustomed to for years in their PCs. If you would rather have your graphics card operate at full 3D clock speeds when running a 3D application, you may set the option "Power management mode" in the NVIDIA Control Panel's "Manage 3D settings" to "Prefer maximum performance" from the default "Adaptive" setting.

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