How to configure Passive or dual-pipe stereo with Quadro cards in Windows 7.

Updated 09/29/2021 10:10 AM

How to configure Passive or dual-pipe stereo on Quadro driver on Windows 7.

How to configure Passive or dual-pipe stereo with Quadro cards in Windows 7.

What is passive stereo?

Passive stereo is when left eye and right eye images are generated by the two separate ports on Quadro graphics card.

It commonly used for two projector stereo, head mounted displays or dual-pipe stereo, where an active stereo projector requires separate left and right eye feeds.

Which Quadro boards support passive stereo?

This feature and 3D Vision are both supported on the same set of Quadro boards and mobile workstations. The list of boards can be found here: under NVIDIA Quadro Graphics Boards. Setting Passive stereo using the NVIDIA control panel 1. Open the NVIDIA control panel and select Manage 3D Settings

Figure 1 Manage 3D Settings - Stereo Display Mode 2. Select "nView Clone mode"from the drop down "Stereo - Display mode" menu - see Figure 1.

Figure 2 Manage 3D Settings - With "nView Clone mode" selected and Stereo-Enable set On 3. Set "Stereo - Enable" to "On" see figure 2.

Figure 3 Set up multiple displays - Set Duplicate displays 4. Go to "Set up Multiple displays" - select the two outputs on the graphics card (must be the same card). Right click on the display icon and select "Duplicate displays ……" see figure 3 &4.

Figure 4 Set up multiple displays - with duplicate displays enabled. 5. Run an openGL application with stereo and left eye and right eye will display on separate display channels. 6. If the eyes are backwards, you swap them with the Stereo-Swap Eyes command in the Manage 3D Settings part of the nvidia control pane, see figure 5.

Figure 5 Manage 3D settings - Swap eyes Note: For DirectX or 3D blu-ray stereo you need to perform these additional steps.

Figure 6 Set up Stereoscopic 3D menu 1. Stereoscopic 3D menu. Check "Enable stereoscopic 3D" to enable DirectX stereo. 2. Run DirectX or Blu-ray 3D application. Stereo will now be from left and right eye.

NOTE: for 3D Blu-Ray both display devices must be HDCP compliant.

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