NVIDIA Control Panel detects Asus LCD monitor as Ancor Communications Inc.

Updated 09/29/2021 10:09 AM

I have an Asus LCD monitor connected to my NVIDIA graphics card and when I open the NVIDIA display properties, in the "Change resolution" panel, my monitor's name is shown as "Ancor Communication Inc.".

This is expected behavior with select LCD monitors from the LCD maker Asus. Most LCD monitor manufactured for PCs use LCD panels which are manufactured by a company other than the maker of the monitor itself. Asus uses LCD panels manufactured by a company named Ancor Communications Inc. in some of their PC line of LCD monitors. Asus stores this information in the internal EDID of their LCD monitors. NVIDIA's policy is to generate names based on the following template: 'Manufacturer Name' + 'Display Name'

The manufacturer name is determined from the manufacturer ID in the EDID and the corresponding entry in Microsoft's PnP table. The display name is extracted directly from the EDID.

In the case of certain Asus LCD monitors, the name is generated as: 'Ancor Communications Inc.' + 'ASUS "model number". Since this string is too long to be displayed fully in the NVIDIA Control Panel, it is truncated which is why you will only see the name 'Ancor Communications' or smaller depending on the size of the window. This is not considered an NVIDIA driver bug.

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