Changes to 3D Vision driver installation in Release 270 drivers

Updated 09/29/2021 10:09 AM

Changes to 3D Vision driver installation in Release 270 drivers

Starting with Release 270 drivers, NVIDIA has made changes to the GeForce and 3D Vision driver installation process to make new driver updates easier. Please read this FAQ for full details.

Driver Names

The following table illustrates the name changes that you will see during driver installation, add/remove programs and control panel entries.

Release 270 New Installation Requirements

In Release 260 and 265 drivers the 3D Vision Driver was included with the GeForce driver, while the 3D Vision Controller Driver was a separate download. Starting with Release 270, all GeForce GPU driver packages will now include all drivers necessary to run 3D Vision. Therefore, it is not necessary to download a separate 3D Vision Controller driver. During installation of the 3D Vision Controller driver you should not see any pop-up messages.

The Release 270 driver has two options.

  • Express installation will automatically remove all previous 3DController drivers. NOTE: NVIDIA recommends most users use the Express driver installation option.
  • Custom installation allows users to select which drivers to install, including the 3D Vision Driver and 3D Vision Controller Driver. If you choose to do a Custom Installation, NVIDIA recommend to allow the custom installation to install all new Release 270 3D Vision related drivers. NOTE: You cannot run a Release 260 or 265 3D Vision Controller Driver with Release 270 GeForce drivers. Therefore if you chose to unselect the 3D Vision Controller driver during custom install, any previously installed 3D Vision Controller driver on the system will get uninstalled. This is to ensure driver compatibility

In addition, the 3D Vision Setup Wizard will no longer automatically launch after driver install. Users will be required to enable 3D Vision the first time or re-launch the Setup Wizard from the NVIDIA Control Panel.

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