ICC profile loads momentarily and then is replaced on laptops featuring NVIDIA Optimus technology

Updated 05/15/2012 01:09 AM

After I calibrate my display and reboot Windows, my ICC profile will load at first but soon afterwards while booting, the monitor will lose calibration.

This is caused by a service that is part of the Intel graphics drivers.  NVIDIA's Optimus technology works by using the advance graphics capabilities of an NVIDIA GPU for heavy graphics related tasks but on Windows startup and for basic simple tasks, your Optimus enabled notebook uses the onboard Intel integrated graphics controller.  The Intel graphics drivers includes a service which overrides the ICC profile you configure through Windows.  You may disable this service by doing the following:

1) Click on the Windows Start button

2) in the Search field, type "msconfig"  and the press ENTER.

3) The Microsoft System Configuration window will load

4) Click on the Startup tab and search for the service Intel Persistence Module (filename of this service is igfxpers.exe).  Uncheck the box to stop this item from starting on Windows startup.  Press the OK button.

5) Now, your ICC profiles should remain after logging into Windows.  Please note, you will have to repeat this procedure each time you reinstall/update your Intel display drivers.  You do not have to repeat this process if you only update the NVIDIA display drivers as this is not caused the NVIDIA drivers.  You should not lose any functionality by disabling this service however if you prefer having this service, you may go back into the System Configuration panel and check the box for the Intel Persistence Module.   

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