7-Zip: Data Error while installing NVIDIA drivers

Updated 09/29/2021 10:08 AM

What does the error message "7-Zip: Data Error while installing NVIDIA drivers" mean?

This error message may be the result of a corrupted driver download. If you receive this error message while attempting to install the NVIDIA drivers, please try the following:

  1. 1) Try using an alternate web browser.

  2. 2) If you are running a download manager, disable the download manager.

  3. 3) Some routers may pose problems when downloading large files. Try connecting your laptop/desktop directly to your high speed internet modem.

  4. 4) Check your firewall settings in both your router and in Windows. If the firewall protection settings are too high, it may interfere with your download.

  5. 5) If you are connected to your router via a wireless network, you may be getting interference by another device sharing the same frequency. Try connecting directly to a the router or modem using a network cable.

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