How much bandwidth do I need to stream 3D?

Updated 09/15/2010 04:45 PM
How much bandwidth do I need to stream 3D?

3D Vision Streaming takes advantage of Microsoft IIS Smooth Streaming technology which allows for adaptive bit rate streaming.  As a result, there are multiple bit rates which automatically adjust to align with the client's available bandwidth and PC capability. If you have bandwidths above the highest bit rates used, you will be able to take advantage of the highest resolution feed.  If you don't have enough bandwidth, the feed delivered will automatically be scaled back to a lesser bit rate.

The actual bitrates used to encode content is determined by the content owner, but for 3D Vision Live we've used the following encoding scheme.

We understand that the average consumer has less than 3mbps of bandwidth in their home, but this is changing as we are beginning to see a greater number of higher bandwidth services offered from Internet Service Providers.  


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