I cannot get my 3D TV to show any 3D content. How do I fix this?

Updated 10/22/2010 11:14 AM

I cannot get my 3D TV to show any 3D content. How do I fix this?

Here are some steps to go through to troubleshoot your problem:

-     Ensure that you have selected a supported 3D resolution from the HD 3D section of the NVIDIA Control Panel > Change Resolution page

-     Launch the NVIDIA Control Panel and re-launch the 3DTV Play setup wizard

-     Try running the NVIDIA stereoscopic 3D test application in the NVIDIA control panel to ensure that 3D is working

-     Make sure you have enabled the 3D setting in your TV menu settings

-     Check the 3D glasses and make sure they are turned on

-     While running a 3D application, try changing the 3D depth in the NVIDIA driver by pressing CTRL-F4 to increase depth, or CTRL-F3 to decrease depth.

-     Run you application at the correction resolution
          o     Games should be run at 1280x720 @60Hz refresh rate (720p60) or 1280x720 @ 50Hz refresh rate (720p50).  
          o     Video applications and Blu-ray 3D should be run at 1920x1080 @ 24Hz refresh rate. (1080p24)

-     Make sure you are running your application in full-screen mode.  You can toggle this mode by pressing ALT-ENTER when you are running applications.

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