How do I know if 3DTV Play supports my 3D TV?

Updated 03/29/2016 01:12 PM
How do I know if 3DTV Play supports my 3D TV?

NVIDIA 3DTV Play supports most HDMI 3D TVs, receivers, projectors, and head mounted display (HMDs) using Release 313 drivers or later.

If your 3D TV, receiver, projector or HMD is not working with 3DTV Play, please follow these steps:

  1. Please download the Monitor Asset Manager utility from the web page at: and install the utility.
  2. Launch the Monitor Asset Manager Utility
  3. Click File > Save report.  You will be saving a .txt file.  Please name the file with your name.  For instance "john_doe_3DTV.txt"
  4. Visit the NVIDIA support site at Click the tab "Ask a Question" and fill out the information in the table.  Please make sure to include your TV Manufacturer and  model number in the Product Name Field and include the .bin in the report under the section called Attach Documents.
  5. Below is a picture showing an example submission


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