How is 3D Vision Pro different from 3D Vision?

Updated 08/02/2010 03:47 AM

How is 3D Vision Pro different from 3D Vision?

While 3D Vision and 3D Vision Pro are both 120Hz active shutter glasses, the way they communicate between the glasses and computer are very different. 3D Vision use infrared light to control the toggling of the glasses, 3D Vision Pro uses 2.4GHz radio. The radio communication provides a few key features:

· longer range -- up to 150ft

· no line of sight requirement between the glasses and emitter -- great for multi-user power walls or auditoriums

· bi-directional communication - installations can verify that the glasses are operating and see their battery levels

· explicit connection between the glasses and the hub - for multi-user environments like studios or labs, 3D Vision Pro provides a robust connection between each user and their panel with no cross talk or interference

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