Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty 3D Vision support

Updated 08/17/2010 03:32 PM
Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty 3D Vision support

In our recent 3D Vision CD v1.33 (v258.96 drivers) released on July 19 NVIDIA did find a problem with the StarCraft II 3D Vision profile that has the wrong settings for the game, making it mostly unplayable in 3D. We have released a fixed 3D Vision CD v1.33 (v258.96) on August 6 to improve 3D Vision support.

- Download the CD v1.33 for Desktop GPUs

- Download the CD v1.33 for Notebook GPUs

If you are using new 3D Vision laptops, such as the Acer Aspire 5745DG, please make sure you look for a newer driver version than the v259.12 that was preinstalled on the laptop that will improve 3D Vision support. NVIDIA does provide Verde driver updates for Notebook PCs available on

However, these updated 3D Vision drivers will not fix all of the issues with StarCraft II running in 3D Vision. NVIDIA has been working with Blizzard to resolve the remaining issues, and Blizzard has stated they will add support for NVIDIA 3D Vision technology to StarCraft II in an upcoming patch within a few months after release. We are certainly looking forward to seeing StarCraft II in full 3D!

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