During the 3DTV Play or HDMI 3D setup wizard, the hardware test failed. Are there ways to fix this?

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Updated 01/31/2012 02:44 PM

During the 3DTV Play or HDMI 3D 3D setup wizard, the hardware test failed. Are there ways to fix this?

There are a few settings to check with your hardware

  • Make sure your 3D TV’s 3D mode is set to ON or Automatic mode.
  • Ensure sure you are using a 3D TV resolution. For example: 1080p24, 720p60, or 720p50.
  • Check to make sure your 3D TV glasses are powered on and fully charged.
  • Check your TV settings to make sure you are not swapping the left/right image order.
  • Ensure there is direct line-of-sight between the IR emitter and your 3D TV glasses if you are using active shutter glasses.  Any obstructions may cause the glasses not to function properly causing the lenses to flicker or turn off.
  • Do not place objects too close or in front of the 3D TV’s IR emitter which could block the signal (e.g. keyboard, coffee mug, etc.). Also, make sure not to place your hand or other objects in front the of the IR receiver on the glasses.
  • Run the setup wizard to verify your hardware is operating properly. Go to the NVIDIA Control Panel (right click on the desktop). Select Set Up Stereoscopic 3D. Then select Run Setup Wizard from Test Stereoscopic 3D drop down menu.
  • Make sure you are using a GPU that supports HDMI 3D modes.
  • Consult your TV manual for other common troubleshooting steps.

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