My display is 3D Vision Ready but is not detected as one.

Updated 12/14/2012 03:02 PM

I own a 3D Vision-Ready display but the 3D Vision Wizard is telling me that no 3D display is found. How can I ensure the wizard is properly detecting my display?

First, make sure your display is listed on the 3D Vision System Requirements website and you have checked to ensure you have the latest drivers to support for 3D Vision display.

If your product is listed there and is still not detected, please ensure you have tried the following troubleshooting steps.

Display Type


120 Hz LCDs

Make sure you are using a dual-link DVI cable to connect from the graphics card to the 3D Vision LCD.

Check for a list supports displays and drivers.


Make sure you connect the VESA 3-pin cable from the USB IR emitter to the DLP's VESA stereo input port.

Check for a list supports displays and drivers.


Browse to the projectors menu and switch it to "3D Vision mode" if you have that option.

Make sure you are using connector inputs on the projector that support 3D mode. Consult your projectors manual for the list of connectors.

Check for a list supports displays and drivers.


If your display is still not detected after following the troubleshooting tips above, please contact NVIDIA Support for more assistance.

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