What advantages does Tesla 20-series have for GPU Computing?

Updated 09/29/2021 10:04 AM

What advantages does Tesla 20-series have for GPU Computing?

Tesla 20-series (Fermi-based) products are designed for high performance scientific and technical GPU computing.

They thus have features over and above our consumer GeForce GTX 470 and 480 (Fermi-based) products such as:

  • Double precision is 1/2 of single precision for Tesla 20series, whereas double precision is 1/8th of single precision for GeForce GTX 470/480

  • ECC is available only on Tesla and not on GeForce

  • Tesla 20series has 2 DMA Engines (copy engines). GeForce has 1 DMA Engine. This means that CUDA applications can overlap computation and communication on Tesla using bidirectional communication over PCIe.

  • Tesla products have larger memory on board (3GB and 6GB) for computing on large data sets.

  • Cluster management software is only available and supported on Tesla products

  • The TCC (Tesla Compute Cluster) driver for Windows is only available on Tesla

  • OEMs offer integrated workstations and servers with Tesla products only

  • HPC ISV software is tested, certified, and supported only on Tesla products

  • Tesla products are built for reliable long running computing applications and undergo intense stress testing and burnin.

  • Tesla products are manufactured by NVIDIA and come with a 3year warranty

  • Tesla customers receive enterprise support and have higher priority for CUDA bugs and requests for enhancements

  • Tesla products have long availability cycles ranging from 18 to 24 months and NVIDIA gives its customers a 6 month EOL notice before discontinuing a Tesla product.

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