What are Optimus ’IGP rendered’ and ’GPU rendered’ applications?

Updated 02/24/2011 02:25 PM

What are Optimus ’IGP rendered’ and ’GPU rendered’ applications?

With Optimus, the visual or compute content of a game, video, etc. can be calculated on one graphics adapter and displayed on another. Content displayed on an IGP display may be IGP rendered (as would happen for all content in a non-Optimus system) or GPU rendered. This choice is made for each individual 3D application, compute/CUDA application, or video clip and is transparent to the user. It can be configure in the NVIDIA control panel. Content displayed on a GPU display is always GPU rendered. The graphics adapter that performs this graphics/compute work for an application is said to ‘render’ or, more generically, ‘host’ or ‘accelerate’ the application.

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