Environmental Flicker

Updated 08/30/2010 07:01 PM

3D Vision Excessive Flickering in 3D Stereo mode

Flicker in your peripheral vision can be caused by differences in frequencies at which 3D Vision operates and the lighting in your room. This type of fl icker can be avoided by turning off the lights or changing the stereoscopic 3D refresh rate. To see the refresh rates, run the Setup Wizard from the NVIDIA Control Panel. When you get to the page asking about flicker, select Yes. You can then select from the following refresh rates:

•120 Hz refresh rate for use in North America when lights are on.

•110 Hz refresh rate for daytime and when lights are off.

•100 Hz refresh rate for countries with 50 Hz lighting and when lights are on.

Once you have selected a refresh rate on the Setup Wizard screen, click the Test with this refresh rate button to verify the new refresh rate helps to reduce flicker. Once you have found the best setting, select Next to continue. the USB IR emitter and describe how to use the buttons


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