3D Vision Game Compatibility List

Updated 11/28/2012 05:31 PM
3D Vision Game Compatibility List

NVIDIA has tested and provided built-in driver profiles for many of the top selling games to ensure they work properly with

GeForce 3D Vision. All games that have been tested are listed in the NVIDIA Control Panel with their Compatibility rating.


To open the NVIDIA Control Panel, right click on the desktop and select the NVIDIA Control Panel. You can also go to Start › NVIDIA Corporation › NVIDIA Control Panel. Select View compatibility with games from the topics in the left window pane. This option displays a list of all the games that have been tested by NVIDIA using stereoscopic 3D software. Each game has been rated with Excellent, Good, Fair, Not Recommended. These ratings are based on how well the games work in stereoscopic 3D and if there are any issues in the game that may interfere with your GeForce 3D Vision experience. To view a game in the best possible quality, you must follow the Issues and Recommended settings noted by NVIDIA. Not following these settings could result in the game not running in stereoscopic 3D or artifacts.


NVIDIA is continually updating the list of supported games. Please go to www.nvidia.com/3dvision for the latest list of games.



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