How do I install the 3D Vision Software

Updated 09/29/2021 10:01 AM

How do I install the 3D Vision Software

1 Before you begin the installation, you must remove the graphics driver currently on your computer.

Go to Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features

If you have an NVIDIA graphics card, double click NVIDIA Drivers.* Select the option Remove only the following. Select

NVIDIA Display Driver Click Remove Restart your computer

* If you are replacing a non NVIDIA graphics card, be sure to remove the graphics driver and power down your system to replace

the card before continuing.

2 Insert the GeForce 3D Vision Software and Manuals CD drivers.

3 Select Install GeForce Graphics driver.

4 Select Yes, I want to restart my computer now when prompted. The installation process automatically continues after restart.

5 Select Next to install the GeForce 3D Vision driver.

6 Select Finish to complete the installation. The GeForce 3D Vision Setup Wizard automatically begins when the InstallShield

completes. The Setup Wizard takes you through installing the IR emitter, setting up your display, and configuring the glasses.

7 Select Next to begin the Setup Wizard. The Wizard is very intuitive and easy to follow.

8 Connect your IR Emitter when prompted to do so.

9 Select your gaming environment.

10 3D Ready display found.

11 Turn on your glasses.

12 Test your hardware setup. This screen is used to verify that your hardware is properly configured to view stereoscopic 3D effects and that your glasses and emitter are functioning properly. Follow the directions on the screen.

If you cannot see the proper images, the Setup Wizard will not continue until the hardware issue is resolved. Use the Back button to check your glasses, emitter and hardware configuration.

(For LCD displays only) Do you notice flicker in your peripheral vision when looking through the glasses? If you are seeing excessive flicker in your peripheral vision, this screen allows you to change the refresh rate of your display. When you select Yes, the refresh rate options are displayed.

Select the Test with this refresh rate button to verify that your selection helps with the flicker.

13 Verify your ability to view stereoscopic 3D content13 .Now that we know your hardware can interpret stereoscopic 3D content, we need to make sure you can. Inability to see the Medical Test image in stereoscopic 3D may be due to:

Adjustments needed for improved stereoscopic 3D viewing. Select Back and verify that you can see stereoscopic 3D on the Test your hardware setup screen.

Visual problems.

Refer to the Safety Requirements located in the User Guide for precautions. Consult a physician if you suspect a physical problem seeing stereoscopic 3D.

Attention: If you fail the medical test and can not see the test image, NVIDIA recommends that you do not use GeForce 3D Vision. Please consult your eye doctor for any possible vision anomalies. GeForce 3D Vision will not be enabled.

14. Setup Complete.

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