Charging 3D Vision Glasses

Updated 08/16/2010 09:02 AM

Charging 3D Vision Glasses

You must fully charge your 3D Vision™ glasses for at least three hours before using them for the first time. You can check the battery level of your glasses by pressing the ON button on the left temple.

If the light next to the button is green, you have up to 40 hours of battery life remaining. Actual battery life is dependent on the recharge time.

If the light is red, you have less than two hours remaining and it is recommended that you recharge your glasses.

If the light does not turn on, the battery is drained and the glasses must be recharged.

If you are charging 3D Vision glasses by connecting them to your PC using a USB cable, make sure your PC does not go into power save mode. When your PC goes into power save mode, 3D Vision glasses are no longer charging. To fix this, disable any power saving options on your PC under the Windows Control Panel. Alternatively, you can use a USB wall charging device to charge the glasses directly from your wall power outlet without connecting to the PC. You can use your glasses while they are charging.

When charging your 3D Vision Glasses, check for the following light codes (note you can find the model of your glasses printed on the inside of the left temple)

- P701

o Charging - Solid amber light ON

o Finish charge - LED light OFF

- P854

o Charging - Blinking amber light

o Finish charge - Solid amber light

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