NVIDIA 3D Vision - Optimizing battery life

Updated 07/12/2011 09:36 AM

NVIDIA 3D Vision - Optimizing battery life

NVIDIA 3D Vision glasses use lithium-ion battery technology to provide long life and light weight.

You can recharge the battery whenever convenient i.e. when battery is completely discharged, when red light shows or when not in use.
It is recommended that you recharge the battery once per month if glasses are not used.

Like all lithium batteries in use today, the battery in your 3D glasses will slowly age and after a while it will lose it capability to be charged to its full capacity. For example, If you fully discharge and recharge your glasses 300 times the battery capacity can fall to 80% (that's 6 years before you reach this level if you fully discharge and recharge once a week). The degradation will be slow and will varying depending on your use and recharging habit.

The recommended operating temperature range is 5 to 40degreeC (41degreeF to 104degreeF).
The recommended storage temperature range is -10 to 45degreeC (14degreeF to 113degreeF).

Operating and storage of the glasses outside the recommended temperature range can lead to temporary and even permanent damage to the battery and lens of the glasses.

The lithium ion battery in the NVIDIA 3D Vision glasses is a custom design. You should not attempt to replace it yourself or by a high street service provider.

Contact NVIDIA or a NVIDIA approved service provider, if you suspect your battery is faulty. For example, if the battery does not give a full day operating time (10hours) after a 3 hour full charge.

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