How do I select application profiles for my workstation applications?

Updated 09/29/2021 10:00 AM

How I select application profiles for my workstation applications?

Workstation application profiles are a group of software settings used by the NVIDIA graphics driver to provide optimum performance when using a selected application. If there is an available profile for an application, it should be used in order to ensure correct application behavior and optimal performance.

With the NVIDIA application configuration engine (ACE), the graphics driver can now detect supported workstation applications and apply the appropriate profile settings automatically–you no longer need to manually select the profile from the NVIDIA Control Panel. If you run more than one application at a time, ACE makes sure that the driver applies the appropriate profile settings to each application.

Please note that only driver versions 162.67 and higher for Windows XP,  Vista and Win7 include the NVIDIA Application Configuration Engine (ACE).

NVIDIA ACE is not supported on Geforce based graphics cards.

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