I have a Viewsonic VX2835wm 28" LCD monitor and it appears blurry when I set my screen resolution to 1920x1200

Updated 09/29/2021 09:59 AM

I have a Viewsonic VX2835wm 28" LCD monitor and it appears blurry when I set my screen resolution to 1920x1200. How do I correct this?

The Viewsonic vx2835wm 28" LCD/HDTV monitor is a special display monitor which not only works as a PC monitor, but doubles as an HDTV display. Unfortunately, the Viewsonic vx2835wm uses the same HDMI connector for both a PC signal and HD signal. As a result, the Viewsonic vx2835wm incorrectly detects the NVIDIA graphics card as an HDTV instead of a PC monitor and therefore sends an HDTV class EDID with support for HD modes (ie 720p, 1080p, etc.) instead of a PC class EDID with modes for PC standard resolutions (ie 1920x1200, 1680x1050, etc.). Once the NVIDIA GPU receives the EDID from the Viewsonic monitor as an HDTV monitor, it sends out an HD signal which is then cropped and scaled by the Viewsonic monitor. The scaling by the Viewsonic monitor causes the desktop to appear blurry.

NVIDIA GPUs follow a monitor's EDID information to prevent damage to a monitor by sending an unsupported format which may result in the monitor operating outside of the manufacturers specifications. The Viewsonic vx2835wm does not allow the user to manually select the EDID type through the display menu. NVIDIA has created a workaround through our driver by forcing a valid EDID when it detects the Viewsonic VX2835wm connected to the GPU. If you are seeing a blurry picture, it means you are likely using an older display driver which did include the workaround fix by NVIDIA. Please visit our Software Downloads page and download the latest NVIDIA Forceware display driver for your product.



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