Tesla D870 deskside vs. 2 Tesla internal C870 cards

Updated 04/16/2010 08:14 AM

The Tesla D870 deskside features two C870 cards inside and is connected to the host workstation using either a PCI-E x16 host interface card or a PCI-E x8 host interface card. The advantages of using a D870 versus putting two C870 cards in your workstation are:

· The D870 is designed with a power supply and cooling that can handle two C870 cards and still have low noise, suitable for an office environment

· The D870 can be connected to either a PCI-E x16 or x8 slot

· The host interface card for D870 is a single slot high card

· If you have two PCI-E x16 or x8 slots, you can connect two D870s

· The D870 can be rackmounted in a 3U configuration and it is possible to rackmount either one or two D870s.

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