Quadro FX hardware features not found in GeForce

Updated 09/29/2021 09:58 AM

What hardware features do Quadro FX cards have that GeForce cards do not have?

These features are found in Quadro FX GPU's and not found in GeForce GPU's:


1.) Antialiased Points and Lines also known as “Wireframe”

Result: Allows diagonal lines to be displayed smooth rather than jagged.


2.) OpenGL Logic Operations

Result: Allows drawings on top of 3D scenes without changing or complicating the existing drawing function or effecting performance.


3.) Clip Regions - Hardware-Accelerated

Result: Unlike consumer applications (games) that occupy a full screen, workstation applications create many overlapping pop-up windows which can cause an effect in visual quality and performance. The Quadro GPU manages the transfer of data between a window and framebuffer by clip regions providing increased graphic performance.


4.) Clip Planes Hardware-Accelerated

Result: Clip Planes allow sections of the geometry to be cut away so the user can view the inside of a solid object. Quadro GPU’s support Hardware-Accelerated Clip Planes increasing performance with professional applications.


5.) Quadro Memory Management Optimization

Results: Efficiently allocates and shares memory resources between concurrent graphic windows and applications.


6.) Two sided Lighting

Results: Creates a realistic image using three dimensional vertices.


7.) Quad-Buffered Stereo

Results: Four buffers to the application; front-left, back-left, front-right, back-right.


8.) Stereo DIN port on most Quadro FX desktop products

Results: Able to connect the emitter to the card for active stereo.


9.) Workstation Application Support and Optimization

Results: Configures card settings for optimized performance on selected workstation applications via pre-built profiles tested by leading application vendors.


10.) Application Productivity Tools

Results: Optimized plug-in drivers for POWERdraft and MAXTreme.

Please read the technical brief called Quadro vs. GeForce GPUs available at http://www.nvidia.com/object/IO_20030630_7410.html for more detailed information.

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