Why am I not able to resize the HDTV Desktop with GeForce 8 cards onWindows XP?

Updated 04/15/2010 08:52 AM

Why am I not able to resize the HDTV Desktop with GeForce 8 cards onWindows XP?

Overscan compensation is not supported on GeForce 8800 Ultra, GTX,GTS 640/320* graphics cards when connecting to many HDTVs over a digital interface (i.e. DVI) with the default driver settings.  However, with ForceWare Windows XP drivers v158.22 or higher, overscan compensation over DVI outputs can be enabled via a Registry Key workaround.

*Not applicable to any other GPU product except models listed.

  To enable this workaround, perform the following steps:

1) Download the .zip file linked below.  The .zip file contains 2 executable files which can be extracted onto your PC.

2) Double-click the "EnableOverscanCompensation.exe" executable.  This will run a macro to create the "EnOverscanComp" Registry Key in the Windows Registry.

3) Re-boot your PC. (Note: we have seen one PC configuration which requires two re-boots).

4) Open the NVIDIA Control Panel by right clicking on the Desktop and selecting "NVIDIA Control Panel".   From the "Resize HDTV Desktop" option in the navigation pane of the NVIDIA Control Panel you can resize your Windows Desktop to fit the viewable area of your HDTV.

The above workaround can also be used to enable fixed aspect ratio scaling on similar display configurations.

Note: this workaround will disable HDCP (high-bandwidth digital content protection) support, which is required for playback of protected HD-DVD and Blu-Ray DVD content over digital interfaces.  To disable this workaround and re-enable HDCP support, remove the EnOverscanComp Registry Key by running the DisableOverscanCompensation.exe executable and then rebooting your PC.

*Not applicable to any other GPU product.


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