Why did I not receive an answer to the question I submitted here?

Updated 04/16/2010 08:21 AM

Why did I not receive an answer to the question I submitted here?  What exactly happens when I submit something?

NVIDIA Customer Care has live staff in place 7 days a week, 365 days a year monitoring the questions submitted via the "Ask a Question" button above. 

After you submit a question, our tracking system will first email you an automated response with some suggestions based on the content of your message, and also place your message in a queue that is monitored by our staff. 

We read each question, research possible answers and will typically email you back within 24 hours, often much more quickly.  About a week after your case is closed, you may receive an email asking for your participation in a short online satisfaction survey. 

HOWEVER, as we correspond with you, the email that we send you may contain links to web pages, formatted content, attachments, or other characteristics that may flag it as Spam by your email client or server.  If you are experiencing a long delay getting a response to your issue, our response may have been caught by your Spam filter.

A good way to know this has happened is if you have received a survey request before a response to your issue, as they are sent ONLY after we respond to your question.

Please check your Spam filter (if possible) for our response.  You can also add the following 2 domains to your Spam filter as valid domains: nvidia.com and custhelp.com

ALSO: You can click on the "My Stuff" tab above to check the status of your case, including any replies from NVIDIA.

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