Has the NVIDIA® DualTV been discontinued?

Updated 04/16/2010 08:25 AM

Has the NVIDIA® DualTV been discontinued?

NVIDIA has announced the discontinuation of the following NVIDIA DualTV products, effective March 1, 2007:


Product                                                                     Item Number

NVIDIA DualTV MCE (NVIDIA Store)                            900-10259-0003-000

NVIDIA DualTV MCE with remote (NVIDIA Store)          900-10259-0025-000

NVIDIA DualTV MCE (white box)                                  900-10259-0007-000




Why is NVIDIA no longer offering these products?

NVIDIA is discontinuing NVIDIA DualTV, an analog TV tuner, in accordance with the FCC requirement that TV receiving devices sold after March 1, 2007, possess the capability of supporting digital television signals.


Will NVIDIA continue to support these products?

Yes, NVIDIA will continue to provide support for the NVIDIA DualTV tuner cards.


What if I have problems with any of these products.  Will NVIDIA still honor the warranty?

NVIDIA will continue to honor the NVIDIA Dual TV one-year limited warranty, which begins on date of purchase.


Can I use my NVIDIA DualTV after March 1, 2007?

Yes. Here’s how it works with various equipment and broadcast types.

  • The NVIDIA DualTV is capable of directly receiving analog over-the-air TV broadcast and analog cable TV broadcast. It also supports direct input from set-top-boxes and other common video equipment.
  • Users can use a set-top box to receive digital broadcast channels (off-air digital, digital cable, and digital satellite) and plug a standard definition, analog output of the set-top box into their DualTV to use the PVR (personal video recording) and other functions of the NVIDIA DualTV. This allows NVIDIA DualTV users to enjoy digital programming even though the NVIDIA DualTV cannot receive digital broadcast directly.
  • Users who currently watch off-air analog TV programming can continue to use NVIDIA DualTV directly until the desired TV station stops analog broadcast. FCC expects many TV stations which have started digital broadcast will continue to carry analog signals until February 17, 2009, when all analog over-the-air broadcasting will stop. Analog TVs or discrete analog tuner devices (such as NVIDIA DualTV) receiving over-the-air programming will still work after that date via a converter/set-top box.
  • Users who currently watch analog cable TV programming can continue to use NVIDIA DualTV directly until the cable service becomes fully digital. (Note: currently US cable services are both analog and digital).

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