How do I determine if NVIDIA Purevide Decoder is installed?

Updated 04/23/2010 11:08 PM
How do I determine if the NVIDIA Purevideo Decoder is installed?

After you have completed the installation of the NVIDIA Purevideo decoder, you may verify if the installation was succesful by downloading the Microsoft Video Decoder Checkup Utility available from the following URL:

 If the NVIDIA Purevideo Decoder is installed properly and is the default decoder for video playback, the utility will show this information in the control panel.  If there are multiple decoders installed, you may see other decoders listed in the Microsoft Decoder Checkup Utility.  The NVIDIA Purevideo Decoder must be set as the preferred decoder in order for Windows to select it when playing back DVD and MPEG-2 files from within Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center.

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