How do I get support for Gelato?

Updated 09/29/2021 09:56 AM

How do I get support for Gelato?

Please note that Gelato is NOT supported via the "Ask A Question" tab above.

Gelato users can go to the Gelato forums for self-service help and a place to pose questions and issues:

If you are still experiencing an issue that cannot be resolved via the forums, please send an email to

Include the following in all initial reports to

  1. 1) System Configuration Info " CPU type & speed " GPU type " RAM " Operating system

  2. 2) Gelato Check Results Run the following from the command line and include the results in the email:

    gelato -check -verbosity 2

    If you are using Gelato under Microsoft Windows, also run: Start Menu/All Programs/NVIDIA Corporation/Gelato/Check Gelato

  3. 3) Sample Scene and Image Showing the Problem If the issue is with an image that renders with errors (looks wrong) or poor performance, please include a sample scene that exhibits the behavior and an image so that we can attempt to reproduce the issue.

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