DualTV De-interlacing settings

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Updated 07/24/2009 05:53 PM

Is there a way for me to change the way interlaced video sources are De-interlaced?

The NVIDIA DualTV package includes support for several De-interlacing techniques.  Please note that these modes are only available with the included NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder.

The following modes are available for De-interlace control:

Automatic -
NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder reads the source type and automatically selects video or film mode, depending on the source.

Smart - 

This option lets the decoder pick the best De-interlacing method to use and is the only technique to do inverse telecine (3:2 pulldown) and bad edit detection.
The performance of Smart De-interlacing varies with the content being viewed; if the result of this mode is undesirable, try “Automatic” instead.

Film - 

Forces film mode and does not apply De-interlacing. 

Video - 

Forces video mode and applies de-interlacing. Choose this option if you see combing or feathering artifacts in the video.

To access the De-interlacing control panel:

1. From the Media Center main menu, select More Programs.

2. Select “NVIDIA Settings”

3. Select “Audio Video Playback Settings”

5. Select "De-interlacing Modes"

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