Can I set up DualTV to use different combination of TV sources under Windows MCE?

Updated 04/26/2010 06:18 PM

I have two available video sources into my Windows MCE computer. First one is from a cable TV without a Set-Top box and my second is a Satellite Set-Top box. But I am having configuration problem in the TV setup wizard. I don't see any option for setting up two sources without two Set-Top box.

I would like to take advantage of the two tuners build into DualTV and use various combination of TV sources (set-top box, satellite, cable TV) to take advantage of recording and viewing simultaneously . Is that possible or do I have to use the same kind of TV source? 

This is a MCE limitation. Dual tuner usage in Media Center Edition 2005 requires both TV provider sources (channel lineups) to be identical. For example, you can configure two set-top boxes or two cable out of the wall connections, but you cannot use one set-top box and one out of the wall cable connection or one satellite and one antenna connection. The reason for this is pretty simple. Windows XP Media Center 2005 uses a single Program Guide and uses the "first available analog tuner" to complete each task that requires an analog TV tuner.

If you have two different set-top box models from the same provider, you can use them as long as they both receive the same programs on the same channels. For example, you can use a Motorola/General Instruments DCT5100 and a DCT6200 set-top box to configure dual tuner support.

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