NVIDIA Purevideo Decoder Activation Issues

Updated 11/28/2012 04:34 PM

I purchased the NVIDIA Purevideo Decoder software, and during the installation when I type in the activation information, the software gives me an error message.

Most activation issues are caused by incorrectly inputting the activation information during the installation of the NVIDIA Purevideo Decoder software.  When you purchased the NVIDIA DVD Decoder software, you should have received an order confirmation email with your activation information similar to the one below:




Once you receive your activation information, you can install NVIDIA Purevideo Decoder.  If you have not already downloaded the NVIDIA Purevideo Decoder, you may do so from the following URL:


During the installation, you will come to the Product Activation screen.  At this screen, you must type in the activation information exactly as you received it in your email.  The easiest method is to use the Copy feature as you highlight each line in your activation information and paste it into the Product Activation screen in the appropriate fields as shown in the image below:


Please do the same for the second Product Activation screen. 


If you have copied the activation information correctly, installation should proceed without any problems, and your NVIDIA Purevideo Decoder software will be unlocked and ready for use.  If the Installshield is still stating that an item is incorrect, please check that you do not have any spaces after you type in the information into each field.  For the example above, if you are typing in the name "John Doe" in the First and Last Name field, do not type "John Doe ".  If you have a space at the end, simply move your cursor to the end of the text and click on the Delete key on your keyboard a couple of times to remove the trailing spaces.

Last but not least, please make sure you are logged in with Administrative privilages on your Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional or Windows XP Media Center Edition PC.  Otherwise, Windows will not allow the software to be installed properly.

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