Medal of Honor Pacific Assault and NVIDIA cards

Updated 04/23/2010 11:05 PM

I am trying to play the game Medal of Honor Pacific Assault, but it is not working with my older NVIDIA based graphics card because it does not fully support DirectX 8.1. How do I fix this? 

Medal of Honor Pacific Assault requires Pixel Shader support in order to run.  Pixel Shader is a hardware feature not available in older NVIDIA based graphics cards.  The following GPU's do not support Pixel Shaders and will not run Medal of Honor Pacific Assault:

Riva TNT
Riva TNT2 M64, Riva TNT2, Riva TNT2 Pro, Riva TNT2 Ultra, Aladdin TNT2
Geforce 256 DDR/SDR
Gefprce2 MX, Geforce2 GTS, Geforce2 GTS Pro, Geforce2 Ultra, Geforce2 Go, Geforce2 Integrated GPU
Geforce 3, Geforce3 Ti 200, Geforce3 Ti 500
Geforce4MX, Geforce4 MX Go, Geforce4 Integrated GPU
Quadro2 EX/MXR, Quadro2 Pro, Quadro2 Go
Quadro4 380 XGL, Quadro4 500 XGL, Quadro4 550 XGL, Quadro4 580 XGL
Quadro NVS

Since Pixel Shaders is a hardware feature, it cannot be added via a driver update. If you have a graphics card which uses a GPU from the list above, you will need to replace your graphics card with a newer model which supports Pixel Shaders.  Please visit the following URL for information on the latest NVIDIA graphics card solutions available:

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