What is MediaSqueeze and what are its benefit?

Updated 04/26/2010 06:14 PM

What is MediaSqueeze and what are its benefit? How does it work in my NVIDIA DualTV MCE?

NVIDIA MediaSqueeze™ compression technology allows you to store more of your  TV program recordings on your storage media. There are two aspects of  MediaSqueeze:

  • NVIDIA DualTV can record your programs at a lower bit rate than competing
    solutions while still providing good image quality. With a lower bit rate, the resulting
    file size is smaller, so you can store more TV programs on your hard disk (or a DVD
    when you archive your recordings). To use this aspect of MediaSqueeze change the
    recording quality settings in MCE or the video capture application you are using. Those
    applications translate the quality setting into a bit rate setting.
  • NVIDIA DualTV's MediaSqueeze technology can also be used to convert your TV
    program recording files from a high bit-rate to a lower bit-rate. This is useful if you are
    archiving a large number of TV program recordings to a DVD and they will not all fit.
    To use this feature, you need a software application that takes advantage of the
    NVIDIA DualTV's MediaSqueeze technology.

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