NVIDIA Purevideo Decoder compatibility with 3rd party decoders

Updated 09/29/2021 09:51 AM

If I have another DVD audio or video decoder installed, will it work alongside the NVIDIA Purevideo Decoder software?  How do I configure Windows Media Player or Windows Media Center 2005 to use the NVIDIA Purevideo Decoder software as the preferred decoder?

When a decoder is installed on a PC, Microsoft Windows assigns a priority level for the decoder as well as all other decoders installed. NVIDIA does not recommend leaving other dvd decoders installed on a PC together with the NVIDIA Purevideo Decoder software. This can lead to a decoder conflict, often resulting in video or audio playback issues. The NVIDIA Purevideo Decoder software should automatically be set as the default decoder upon installation. If you are unsure if the NVIDIA DVD Decoder is set as the default DVD decoder, you can check which decoder is assigned priority by Windows using the Microsoft Windows XP Video Decoder Checkup Utility. If the NVIDIA Purevideo Decoder is set as the default decoder, it should appear similar to the image below:

If the NVIDIA Purevideo Decoder is the preferred decoder, an NVIDIA icon should appear on the bottom right hand corner of your taskbar if a DVD disc is opened within Windows Media Player. If the NVIDIA icon does not appear, you may have a 3rd party decoder conflicting with the NVIDIA Purevideo Decoder. Please uninstall any possible conflicting decoders and then restart your computer to complete the changes to your PC. Once you are back in Windows, reopen a DVD disc within Windows Media Player. If this problem continues, please verify that your system meets the system requirements for the NVIDIA Purevideo Decoder software:


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