NVIDIA Purevideo Decoder compatibility with third party video applications

Updated 09/29/2021 09:51 AM

I understand the NVIDIA Purevideo Decoder software is designed to be used with Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 or higher and Windows Media Center 2005.  Will it also work with 3rd party video software players?

The NVIDIA Purevideo Decoder software package contains a video decoder and an audio decoder that allows you to play DVD's and files that contain video content that was encoded in MPEG-2 format (such as DVR-MS files and some AVI files). The NVIDIA video decoder is compatible with any third party application that uses Microsoft DirectShow interface for accessing decoders. The audio decoder however is only compatible with Windows Media Player 9 or higher and Windows Media Center. The audio decoder will not work with any other 3rd party application at this time. You may can still configure the NVIDIA Purevideo Decoder to pass the audio to an external decoder (such as a home theater receiver) where the external receiver would decode the audio signal instead of the NVIDIA Purevideo Decoder software if your PC features an S/PDIF output connector.

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