Are there known compatibility issues with the DualTV tuner card and any systems or motherboards?

Updated 05/09/2007 04:31 PM

Are there known compatibility issues with the DualTV tuner card and any systems or motherboards?

NVIDIA DualTV has been verified to comply with relevant PC specifications.  However, at the time of this article, NVIDIA has found a case where  systems with ASUS K8S-GX/MX motherboards cannot boot up when the NVIDIA DualTV card is plugged into a particular PCI slot. The workaround is simply to reinstall the NVIDIA DualTV card in the next available PCI slot.

In another case involving some versions of the ASUS P4SD-LA motherboard, the system may not perform a POST (Power-on Self Test) which is part of the hardware test and initialization sequence on boot up. This error may indicate motherboard or power supply issues supporting this card. Please consult your PC dealer.

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