GeForce 6800 onboard video processor functionality

Updated 05/09/2007 04:30 PM

When will GeForce 6 series onboard video processor functionality be enabled?

The GeForce 6800 models featured the 1st generation of our programmable video technology which includes support for high-definition MPEG2 video decode and standard definition MPEG2 encode, as well as advanced post processing features such as motion adaptive deinterlacing, and inverse 3:2 pulldown.

The GeForce 6600 models have the same 1st generation programmable video technology support as the GeForce 6800 models. However, the GeForce 6600 models also include hardware acceleration for high-definition Windows Media Video (WMV) decode.

In order to utilize the programmable decode and advanced post processing features of the GeForce 6800 and 6600, end users need to download an updated ForceWare driver as well as the NVIDIA DVD decoder. For Windows Media Video decode on the GeForce 6600 models, end users will also need to download an update to Windows Media Player from Microsoft.

NVIDIA is also working with application vendors to take advantage of the programmable encode features of theGeForce 6800 and 6600. This feature just like programmable pixel shaders when they were first introduced, requires additional collaboration with application vendors. The first application that NVIDIA is targeting to support it's GPU encode capabilities is Windows Media Center Edition 2005.


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